The Mayanda Difference

The four walls of any space must look appealing and inviting before the first piece of furniture goes into it.

The Mayanda difference is the ability to deliver more than just the four walls of any space; it’s the ability to give attention to the temperature, the acoustics, the lighting, and, the fine finish of any space, and; the ability to take your design to convert any space into an elegant, cozy, or entertaining space.

The Mayanda difference is the ability to coordinate the builder trades because the functionality of any space starts before any wall is built. Having resources in all trades provides proficiency in the following services:

  • Crown molding and molding design
  • Faux an d textured finishes
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Masonry and paving


The kitchen and bath are arguably the cornerstone of any home’s value – plumbing is at the very heart of it. Plumbing plays an important role in heating, sewage, and even yard maintenance. Mayanda is proud offer modern plumbing services.


Not only essential, lighting plays an important role in design. The Mayanda difference is the ability to use lighting to compliment the decor of any space. Mayanda is proud to offer a full range of modern electrical services.